Feeding Athletes Pregame Meals 

In Oak Cliff there are two football teams

that we provide pregame meals for:

The Sunset Bison and

The JK Kimball Knights

We started feeding the Sunset Bison three years ago after we got a call from a local pastor who asked us if we could help feed a football team that was hungry with some peanut butter and jelly.

We said yes!

We first gave them peanut butter and jelly with a loaf of bread for everyone with a lot left for the coaches to give the team before practices. Just before I left I asked if they had pregame meals. The coach said, “Ms. Kim, they don’t eat before practice, when they go home … no they don’t have pregame meals they’re hungry.”  From that point on we started bringing them pregame meals.

With donations from our partners and their local church, The Gathering Church, we are able to feed them their pregame meals and start a food pantry.

This year, we have started to feed another team,  the JK Kimball Knights!

We are expanding this program to include more athletes and more teams.  In order to make this a success, we need your help.  Please consider donating below and assist us in making an impact on these young athletes.