Food for the Soul in the media

We are extremely blessed to have the support of the local community.  This coverage helps us spread the word of what we are doing.  Through the grace of GOD, we are able to continue to expand our reach.

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Texas Motor Speedway Partnership

“We are thrilled to partner with Texas Motor Speedway’s Speeding to Read program,” Food for the Soul Founder & Executive Director Kimberly Sawyer said. “Children have a multitude of needs to be successful in today’s world, from learning to read to having enough food to eat outside of school hours. When we all work together, every child among us and every community around us can thrive and reach new heights.”

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– Hundreds of backpacks filled with food were delivered to undeserved children in Fort Worth.

Denton’s Food for the Soul organization brought the bags to Diamond Hill Elementary School Wednesday.

Their goal is to provide meals and snacks to students who may go without proper food over the weekends.  Click Here To Read More 


“Food for the Soul is fighting childhood hunger in schools”

Bob Sawler is tacking childhood hunger in North Texas – Dallas Business Journal

“Bob Sawler and his family are tackling an issue most people don’t know exists in North Texas.

After all, Dallas-Fort Worth is an expanding and thriving region. With rapid population and business growth, people may not realize that hunger affects thousands of children across the metroplex.

Nearly 10 years ago, Sawler, along with his wife Kimberly and their three children, decided to get involved in their community by providing clothing to disadvantaged families. One of the women they were helping asked if they could also provide food.

That was the foundation of Food for the Soul, a Keller-based nonprofit that serves students in Keller, Denton, Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. The organization’s slogan is that it’s fighting childhood hunger school by school.”

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